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Information about Box

Note:  Faculty and staff must have a email account.


 Unlimited space

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To set up your Box account:


Box for Office:

With our new Box for Office desktop app integrations, you can easily open, edit, save and share any file from Box seamlessly within Word, PowerPoint and Excel - as well as streamline your workflow within Outlook by using shared links to files in Box instead of attachments.


Box Edit:

Box Edit is a feature that allows you to edit files in Box using an application from your computer to edit it. For example, if you have a Microsoft document in your Box files and select the edit button, the file will then open in Microsoft Word. You can make edits, and when you close or save the file, it will automatically save the updates in Box. 


Departmental Box Accounts:

Go to Log in with you’re A# and password, select Service Catalog, Information Technology, Storage Services, Departmental Box Account Requests.